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This is a good thread. Some of my faves already mentioned. If i could add a few recommendations that i don’t think were mentioned yet.

Jordan cabernets - one of my go-to’s besides Caymus because they’re very available
Cakebread - i don’t like their more recent vintages as much but their older (pre-2010) stuff was amazing
Check out the Pinot Noirs from Williamette Valley, Oregon. They have some great stuff
Malbecs - Terrazas Reservas and Salentein are my favorites

On Opus One - i agree that you’re mainly paying for the Rothschild/Mondavi name than anything. But it’s still good stuff. But for that price per bottle I’d be going for something like a Joseph Phelps Insignia
What the hell happened to Cakebread? Any vintage after ‘13 is terrible. I gave them another shot a few months ago and bought a ‘16 and almost dumped it out. I know some vintages are better than others due to the grapes but other wines in the same vintage are good so did they change something?

My brother likes Quintessa Cabernet. I bought him a 2009 for Christmas. I haven’t tried it in years but I don’t remember being impressed.
Beats me. While it's true that some years can be shitty for the region overall because of the randomness of weather and temps during critical times of the season, other years could be great years. With Cakebread I just can't find a newer vintage that tastes like the old ones, even in the better growing years like '10, '12 and '13