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Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post
I'm starting to believe that this might be a concerted effort to get Warren to win the Dem primary.

Surely they all know that Biden has quite a bit of fingerprints in this too? I imagine that everyone pushing this narrative is figuring they have a shot at a toofer. They probably know that impeaching Trump is extremely unlikely but they figure there is a slim chance they might succeed. In addition, they probably all assume that Biden's dirty laundry is going to come out with respect to Hunter. He may or may not have done anything illegal, but regardless of that, it will probably hurt him in the polls, leading to Warren winning the nomination. The media absolutely fawn over Warren - so I can see the thought process behind all this.

My take:
*The dnc greenlighted impeachment.
*Joe gets goned. Bernie 2016 2.0
*Pushing Warren. First female, yadda yada. Progressive, yada yada.
*Hillary jumps in as VP mate. Hillary will die trying to get back to the fat cookie jar and her fanbase and more centrist label will intice Warren. Female Female, rah rah rah.

*Trump Pence vs Warren Clinton*
Trump 2020.
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