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Originally Posted by Fraspas View Post
Augh, thats just maddening that there is no clear solution. How does this even happen in the first place and to a premium car/brand no less?

Is there a way to take it apart and manually clean and scrub the ventilation system? I did reach out to some local shops around me and one suggested they can do this service called MiSt by Terraclean - I never heard of it but there's this informational video that looks like its from the 80s.

I guess I'll continue to spray stuff into it and report back with results. To be fair, the Klima treatments did alleviate some of the smell as it was way worse before but still...since I can safely conclude there's no grime on the evaporator, I am at a loss. Do you know if there is an outside air intake filter or does our X1 only have filters for cabin air.
Same results for me too unfortunately... treated evap with Klima Cleaner + Freshfx vent cleaner a couple weeks back and now the smell is slowly returning. Quite frustrating.

I think you're thinking down the right track as this issue likely exists upstream of the evaporator core, but I haven't done any further digging yet. I was thinking of having the dealer try to address this issue, but the service bulletin for this problem on newtis only has the evap core cleaning protocol, which we already know won't fully resolve the issue.

I'm going to try the max heat/cold for xx minutes trick to see if it helps. Also, I'll try to be more diligent on turning AC button off right before shut off to see if it'll help with prevention.

Also, everyone with this smelly AC issue, please file a complaint with NHTSA here: If the federal government receives enough complaints, they'll be required to investigate this concern. Note in your complaint this foul smell is a health concern as it's a sign that mold/mildew/bacteria is growing somewhere inside the AC system and is a significant respiratory risk. It may cause or exacerbate respiratory or breathing issues.

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