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Originally Posted by wdb View Post
Max was 100% not responsible for the pit lane incident. His TEAM was 100% responsible for it, and F1 is a team sport. Should have been a drive-through.

HAM showed some reall chutzpah on that quali lap. The two guys closest to him both bounced their cars off stuff trying to keep up. Might have been nice if there were THREE guys (+ Leclerc), eh Ferrari? Sheesh.

Other than that the race was a snoozer. I think HAM is tremendous but geez man, sometimes you have to just shut up and drive. He spends too much time whinging over the radio.
drive through d hurt Max more since even if Monaco's pit lane is short speed limit is lower than most of the tracks.. Max was already ahead of Bottas actually there were no need to squeeze each other.. and pit lane turns towards left first and Max was inside.. if Bottas wouldnt change tires probably there wouldnt be a penalty.. but since Bottas car got damaged they want to compromise at some point i guess.. and i believe if it d happen again Max wouldnt steer right cause he was ahead already..

and edit: these conversations are so lost that it can be understood why Ferrari is making stupid mistakes..

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