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Originally Posted by racerbruce View Post
There was nothing like a 3 liter V-10 @ 19,000 RPM....NOTHING; remember how decimated the audibles were when the new V-6 turbo hybrid iteratrion was released?? It was the extent that F1 allowed modifying the exhaust to make it sound like a race car instead of an Uber.
Tell me about it, it's so sad. Want to know how dumb I am? The first time I ever watched an F1 race live was in Monaco in the late 90s. I was in the city itself and being in my early 20s and knowing everything, I sat there with no ear protection on. When the cars came by for the first time, the sound was so incredibly loud it almost made me vomit. I had vertigo for the next 10-15 minutes and thought I had lost my hearing. I had never heard anything that loud prior, nor have I heard anything that loud since. The only thing close was near the end of turn 1 at the start of the race when they used to run F1 at Indy, but by then I was smart enough to have heavy duty ear protection on. It's almost impossible to relate to somebody the sound unless you experience it live, I didn't think anything could be that damned loud.

Nothing will ever sound like the V10s again, and that makes me very sad.