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Originally Posted by Schwarzschild Radius View Post
I'm not talking about Maher (I try to never talk about Maher, he's a complete ass).
My point was: Why would someone read It's merely right-wing clickbait, like the other sources I listed. Its very obviously biased and pandering.
I made a post about maher giving it to Schiff with both barrels about his attacks on the president and added a link to demonstate, you dismiss it implying it's a R wing site, I let it be know that evidence is available damn near everywhere of the slap down by Billy boy on Schiff was deserved( rightfully so). It's irrelevant what you think is or isn't biased or pandering. Factual news is factual news. Now that's something the left can't comprehend being BS'd by CNN, MSNBC and the like for so long.

For the record I never heard of the site it just so happened to be the one that I saw first that had the link I posted. Again, it's a true story so you can't be thick enough to dismiss it, or maybe you are.
We're all still waiting for Schiff and swalwell to come forward with the actual evidence they both said many times they've seen about Trumps illegal collusion, Waiting, waiting, waiting.........
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