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Originally Posted by F32Fleet View Post
Over 40 try something else.

The number one issue with CF is that it encourges improper form. Consequently a lot of people develop joint injuries especially if they were not already living an active lifestyle. I say go for it if you always keep "proper form" in the forefront.
43 here - been CrossFitting since 2010, got my Level1 cert 3 years ago.

Number of CrossFit related injuries I've had (beyond torn calluses or scraped shins): 0

Number of CrossFit injuries I've witnessed (beyond torn calluses or scraped shins): 2

One guy dislocated his shoulder bailing on a snatch when he didn't let go of the bar. One guy dislocated a finger trying to "catch" a barbell he'd dropped after it bounced off the floor.

CrossFit injuries are WAY over-hyped. I've hurt myself, and witnessed far more injuries, playing pick-up basketball than I have inside a CrossFit gym. You don't see me running around telling people not to play pick-up basketball.

Yes, you need to concentrate on your form at all times. I'm militant about it for myself and that's likely why I haven't had any injuries. Yes, you need to find a qualified coach - the L1 cert that I got is all I would need to open up a gym and it is NO WHERE near enough training, honestly. Yes, it's expensive. If "open gym" is what you're after, look elsewhere, this isn't for you and you can find that atmosphere/set-up tons of other places for a lot less money.