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Originally Posted by qba335i View Post
Do you guys have any insight on CrossFit? I am looking for some info from people who actually do it.
I am getting a bit bored with lifting weights and am looking for something different. I need something new that will challenge me.

I am pretty athletic (work out 4 times a week), 210lbs @6'2. I trained judo, muah thai, was on a swimming team, play tennis, was lifting weights pretty much since high school.
I have been Crossfitting since 2009. If you are athletic and competitive you will enjoy it. Like the last poster stated look at the Boxes (Crossfit gyms) around you. Some are better then coaching, programming and ppl. Also check CrossFitís main site to learn a bit about what you are getting into.

My biggest piece of advice is check your ego at the door and
go slow! Learn the foundational movements and donít be in a hurry to try and do things beyond your abilities. Progression is key!

Second would be MOBILITY!!!! Learn to love it and live it everyday!!!!

It is very easy to get sucked in and chase numbers and form bad habits. Have goals but obtain them the right way. If you are not careful injuries WILL happen.

Iíve been at it a long time and enjoy it still. Whether at my box or in my garage gym, itís the best type of training I have ever done. And I am an ex-college athlete! Good luck brother!