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Originally Posted by Fundguy1 View Post
I'm not shorting it yet, but I'm not alone in my concerns. Can Tesla overcome loosing subsidies, higher overall cost including cost of fuel, less convenience, and the general publics comfort level with their ICE vehicles to make them mainstream and break out of the >1% ev market share? We will see. I drove for 8 hours yesterday. Saw 1 ev all day. It's a big bet.
Shorting it is 50/50 from a stock will either continue to rise or fall back based on fundamental math finally catching up to it.

That being said I think it is ridiculously stupid to think Tesla won't be around in 10 years. A better argument will be they don't make cars anymore in 10 years. Strategically, they aren't a car company...they are an alternative energy and infrastructure/energy company that uses cars as a conduit to sell batteries. Musk is enough of a visionary and a smart guy to keep them from going belly up. I think they are a game changer and hope the OP saves this thread and comes back and posts in 10 years how he is wrong. I'll do the same if they file chapter 11.