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Originally Posted by zx10guy View Post
So I currently have a dilemma. I'm trying to figure out which camera to purchase to cover the front driveway area of my house. I've gone back and forth with some options but can't settle on a final choice.

Option one is to get the very good performing PTZ camera from Dahua, the SD59230S-HN. The pluses is the camera has very good zoom image quality with an optical zoom of 30x. Has very good night vision image quality. And the camera movements are very fast and responsive. The cons is the camera is big. I would have to mount it vertically under a soffit vent. The thing is going to stick out like a wart on my house. Also, the camera isn't compatible with my Hikvision NVR. So it'll necessitate another NVR solution.

Option 2 is to go with a different Dahua camera, SD42212SN-HN. It's smaller than option 1 but still has the cons I listed above.

Option 3 is to look into an ACTi B95. It's also very well reviewed as the Dahua 59230. It's the smallest of the PTZ cameras I'm considering. But it's pretty expensive and has the con of not being compatible with my NVR.

Option 4 is to stick with the Hikvision outside cameras I've been using but get the native English firmware version 2332 model...functionally the same as the 3332s I already own. The con is no PTZ functionality.

Do you want a PTZ because it's a fun toy to play with, or you really need it to zoom in on certain things such as number plates on cars in your drive etc.? From what I'm reading, unless you actively monitor the cameras at all times such as in a casino, the PTZ "fun factor" will wear off after a while.