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Originally Posted by e92hunter View Post
The point of AMG is that they handbuild their engines... the SL55 and SL65 both had handbuilt engines. The CLA45 AMG is a real amg because it's handbuilt, the CLA35 AMG is not. Multiple AMG's is meaningless, they literally went from E450 one day and the next day started slapping E53 AMG badges on it the next day. Read more before you make wrong comments like this.
Wrong comments? There’s nothing factually wrong about my comment, I just have a different opinion. Don’t be like that.

I know exactly what Mercedes did, my point was that they own the name, they can do whatever they want with it. AMG used to be an outside tuning house and there are plenty of people who don’t consider anything built after ‘99 when Mercedes purchased the company to be “true AMGs.” Some people consider everything after 1990 “not a real AMG” since that’s when they signed their co-operation agreement with Mercedes.

If you want to draw the line at hand built engines, that’s on you, but understand that it’s a completely arbitrary place to draw it. There are plenty of points from a fan perspective where you can say “they’re no longer real AMGs.” Or you could just listen to AMG themselves on the matter. AMG used to mean many things that are no longer true anymore and hand built engines are just one of those things.
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