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I used your guide and it worked! Minor difference in my car were 3 cables going to the arm rest for a cell phone docking accessory. It was a lot of work to get to that little spring. I wish I could just buy a new spring rather than adjust the broken one. I hope it doesn’t break again. It took me a long time to do everything, but it will be much faster if I have to go back in again. What a pain for a tiny little spring!

An improvement to your guide would be with your step 10 on removing the gear selector unit. All you gotta do is turn the unit over and align the gear to line up the semi-round clip to the hole at the bottom. Once aligned you need to push the semi-round clip through from the bottom using a small screwdriver like the jeweler’s flathead. I hope that helps others attempting this.

Another minor improvement would be to move the passenger seat prior to disengaging the battery for the second item of step 4.

Thanks again, James!

Hi bro,

My car is the same as yours as there are three sensors at the back vent that need to be disconnected. However two of them can hardly be removed. Can you give me a hint on how to disconnect them?
And also, do we need to remove the vent tube as well? The guide doesn't mention so I didn't do. But it covers the selection gear so the gear cannot be lift up.

Thanks with regards
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