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Originally Posted by StefanJ View Post
User bulaviti mentioned the replaced part as 25168483098.
It is the whole gearshift ensemble.
Does it have to be changed all of it?
I've got a direct message from the person from Russia who faced similar problem. As per his inforation he visited his BMW local dealer and got information to replace only shifter, i.e. 61319391197
If it is so, the cost is around 160 - 200 euros.
I have asked him twice to give his VIN details for our letter but so far no reply...

Therefore wanted one more time to re-confirm from the persons who already replaced the faulty part and solved the problem.

I could also visit my BMW dealer in Ukraine and inform here about their reply but honestly wanted to finalize first our idea with claim letter. As far as I understood we have only 3 persons right now - myself, StefanJ and bulaviti. What about you jkont lrd300 AUS_Tin_Pusher scadagawd Mukwambo billnchristy flyingkenneth dianebrat Beagler ?