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Originally Posted by raysspl View Post
Awesome write-up & feedback. Am considering this too later on.

Are you considering the X2 M35i now that it's official?
Thanks! Also after seeing the official numbers and engine specs I'm not going to be trading up for the X2 M35i. It's still the same engine just tuned, bigger front brakes, and an M exhaust kit.

With a proper tune and upgrades you can get those figures. You'll walk away with an exhaust note that sounds better and will still have money left over for more goodies.

Also if I were to trade up at any point I'd probably go to an M2. It's small, nimble around the city, and I can open her up. For now I'm holding off until next spring/summer to do the performance upgrades so I'm just driving in Sport mode + Sport manual mode to keep me happy. My wife however drives in normal mode so it's good that I haven't done anything yet for her sake. :P

Originally Posted by M3BeamerVroom View Post
Great in depth review!
Thank you! I appreciate the positive feedback

Originally Posted by ProperBimmer View Post
Have an X2 as a loaner.....everything from the shitty seats to the base model pricing at 40k is absolutely terrible. This this is just as uninspiring as my 17 X1 with less usable space for my kids. So many better suv options at 40k base pricing. Screw that.
As a person without children, I'll agree with you that it isn't a great family car. Getting children in those back seats can be bothersome and having the extra head room is nice as well as maybe the 1" more you get with the X1, but aside from that the trunk space is pretty much the same aside from the height.

As far as better SUV options goes that all depends on what you're looking for in a car. I wanted something to have fun with that drove great while still being able to haul stuff along for outdoor activities. I have no children and my only passenger is my wife. This car fit my check marks for that car and it was the best in the small SUV market.

If you wanted options like tech, drives like a boat, has lots of space, don't care about the engine performance... then sure. There are lots of other small SUVs in that range.

Originally Posted by Tallest View Post
Wait, is this car same as x1? The FWD thing? I drove that and it was terible, cheap, plasticky box. Please tell me X2 is none of those things.
Yes, it is FWD biased, and is not the X1. The interior has more soft touch plastics than a 3 series, has the 2/3/4 series electric memory seats with lumbar support, M steering wheel (super soft padded leather used), blacked out roof liner, and a slightly smaller panoramic sunroof than the X1.

The X2 drives much differently than the X1 does and can be compared to driving a 3 series. Sure it doesn't have the RWD and has slight over steer taking corners aggressively, but it's super fun to drive... especially when you compare it to the X1. The engineers who worked on the driving dynamics of the X2 really found a nice sweet spot where you'll walk away with a smile on your face. I sure do... especially since I drive in Sport mode + Sport Manual.

Give the two cars a test drive and you'll see that the differences between the X1 and X2 is night and day. I did.. and was blown away with how well it drove that I ended up buying one lol.