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Originally Posted by bimmerdriver2 View Post
I'm surprised the Pirelli tires were driveable in such conditions. I've never been able to get out of the driveway with summer tires on my other cars.
Truthfully I was a little terrified driving in the horrible ice storm that came down, but the tires held well. For reference I had leather soled dress shoes on that day and I had a difficult time walking but had very little issue driving. I wasn't exactly blasting through at normal speeds, so I was driving cautiously that day. A normal 45min commute turned into a 4 hour drive (mainly due to traffic).

Also.. just hit a pretty deep pot hole this weekend and it is definitely harsh. I think it's a combo with the tires + suspension. My entire dash rattled knocking off my phone from a magnet mount. The real test will come this winter when I drive through horrible roads to different snowboarding resorts. I'll do an update when I get the winters on and drive out. I'm hoping to get a set of Blizzaks on 18s.

Originally Posted by E90 87ss View Post
Tune is great, easy to install and remove. No adverse effects so far. I ran the same in the 235i. Love the extra power, makes the vehicle more driveable. I ordered the unit before I took delivery of the vehicle since I felt it was necessary for daily driving/merging.

No adverse effects on the flap, I highly doubt a valve at the end of the exhaust system can affect power in my opinion, but I could be wrong.

I would love if this engine could sound a little meaner, but I think you would have to go with a custom exhaust setup and choose a good sounding muffler. I hear you on the intake.

For coding, just purchase the app and obdii connector (bimmercode or carly) I did bimmer code. Coded most of the stuff you previously mentioned in 20 minutes.
That sounds great! I'll pick up the JB+ and get a OBDII connector from bimmercode sometime in the fall. I'll redo the tests to see how if there are any issues with the low end with the flap torque post tune. Hopefully it'll fill the gap of performance I'm missing.

As far as meaner sounding.. I'm hoping that someone can upload a clip from their exhaust to hear what it would sound like. I've asked SuperSprint but haven't heard back from them and I'm not big on gambling on exhausts because I really don't want to be that guy who has a $3k exhaust kit and sounds like a fart can.