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Originally Posted by BlueX2 View Post
I'd love to hear your feedback on the JB+ tune you had done.

Also the intake and exhaust was more to be able to hear my engine again vs performance gains.. that is if I could get a good exhaust note and I'd be dreaming if I got some pops and burbles in. lol
Tune is great, easy to install and remove. No adverse effects so far. I ran the same in the 235i. Love the extra power, makes the vehicle more driveable. I ordered the unit before I took delivery of the vehicle since I felt it was necessary for daily driving/merging.

No adverse effects on the flap, I highly doubt a valve at the end of the exhaust system can affect power in my opinion, but I could be wrong.

I would love if this engine could sound a little meaner, but I think you would have to go with a custom exhaust setup and choose a good sounding muffler. I hear you on the intake.

For coding, just purchase the app and obdii connector (bimmercode or carly) I did bimmer code. Coded most of the stuff you previously mentioned in 20 minutes.

Also removed the front grille today in between appointments, what a pain.