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The dealership where I bought my X2 also had one of these launch vehicles in the same colour as yours. I did a double take on it because I wasn't expecting to see an M sport model in Canada. It looks good.

This is the first I've heard that opening passenger side exhaust valve has a negative affect on low-end torque. I thought it was only for noise. FYI, the JB4 has a setting to block the valve open.

How are the tires in snow? Personally, I really dislike these tires. I find them to be very noisy and harsh over discontinuities in the pavement. (I'm coming from Michelin PS2 and Continental ExtremeContact DW on my M3.) I also find that the X2 suspension is quite noisy over potholes, as if the rebound damping is insufficient.

I ordered an OBD ENET cable, but I haven't had a chance to set up my laptop for programming. I plan to make some of the same changes you did.