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Originally Posted by lrd300 View Post
Anyone managed to make the autohold work please?
I have read through all the pages on this forum topic, which seemed rather strange to me because my (3/18) X1 seems to have some semblance of Auto Hold, but the BMW Drivers Guide calls it Drive-off Assistant.
Drive-off assistant
The system provides support when driving off on upward gradients. It is not necessary to use the parking brake for this.
1. Hold the vehicle in place by depressing the foot brake.
2. Release the foot brake and drive off without delay

The vehicle is held for approximately 2 seconds after the foot brake has been released.
Depending on the vehicle's load or when towing a trailer, the vehicle may roll backwards a little.'

My previous car, an Audi Q3, had Hill Hold Assist, which worked in a similar manner, but perhaps held the car for a longer time. I live in a hilly area though and have to say the X1 'system', such as it may be, is ample for driving off.
To supplement this, if stopped for a longer time on a steep incline for traffic lights etc, when the start-stop kicks from the foot brake in I apply the Parking Brake switch and take my foot off the brake. The car stays put until I press the accelerator, at which time the engine re-starts, the car moves forward and the parking brake auto releases. The only time this isn't quite ideal is on those occasions when the engine restarts due to battery load etc, but it still gives the couple of seconds to put my foot back on the footbrake.
I appreciate that may not be everyone's idea of Hill Hold, but it's OK for me.