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I agree that the X1 is the best looking X car and I'd buy the PHEV version if it were imported to the USA. Reports that the PHEV versions of both the X1 and X2 will not see the USA. I just added a 2020 530e and would be happy to trade my 2017 330e for this X1 PHEV in Jun, when my lease ends. As it is, I'll probably get another 530e because of the VERY preferential pricing. Can you believe that BMW has priced the PHEV version of the 530 the same as the IC version? The new PHEV X3 is priced an extra $4K over the equivalent ICE version (and there isn't any extra equipment). So, I buy the 530e and get $5800 Fed TC and $2500 TX grant, plus $4K MSRP reduction if I finance thru BMWFS. This is a no brainer. I wonder if the 2021 LCI 530e will still be priced the same as the 530?