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Originally Posted by oakey46 View Post
QUOTE:I'm not going to run the AC in recirc mode anymore unless necessary, avoid having the AC button clicked on all the time, and clean the cabin air filters more frequently (have K&N ones). Hopefully it'll prevent the nasty smell from coming back.
If you don't have the AC Button switched on you run the risk of the aircon seals deteriorating, which can be an expensive repair. The aircon 'liquid' contains lubricants to help prevent that from happening. I have, on all my aircon equipped cars, had the system serviced at manufacturer recommended intervals and I leave the aircon on all year.
A few years ago my next door neighbour had a very costly repair bill for replacement of the system seals because she hadn't been using the AC other than occasionally.
Noted, thanks for the feedback. AC button will be mostly on as it doesn't get cool enough without it. I'm just avoiding having it on 24/7.