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Originally Posted by mattomatto View Post
Thanks for this thread. I'm glad to learn that the near-year round A/C use we have here in Texas is actually a good thing for the system.

Slight offshoot to this conversation: I actually have zero bad smell issues at 20K miles, but I was just at the dealer (warranty-covered repair of moon roof headliner that broke off the track) and the service report recommended "Perform evaporator cleaning service (Based on vehicle mileage/time)" for $250.

I'm glad to be proactive about maintenance, but is this really necessary or just the dealer trying to sell me some extra servicing?
Car aircon evaporators can get clogged with dirt, grease and bugs etc and this will reduce airflow and therefore efficiency. A good indicator of a problem is when you have had the aircon refrigerant topped-up * and the system is still NOT working as well as it used to. If your car aircon IS still working well then imo an evaporator declog is not necessary and there is no harm in leaving it.

* - (refrigerant top-up is important because they also add lubricants to protect system the system seals)