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Originally Posted by m630 View Post
Its a hatch plain and simple, not an SAV. Its impossible to tell from pix but when you stand next to it you will understand, this is a car thats designed like a crossover but just slightly higher than a traditional sedan. And its great! Finally a unique design from bmw. Cant believe all the hate by some but this is a great sleeper car and im glad that M did its magic as this car is fast, handles great and is the full package.
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I agree, I did not buy it expecting it to be an SUV or an SAV or whatever. Its a hot hatch kind of like a GTI but a little lifted, or a nicer Subaru Crosstek with more power. Its more fun to drive than a traditional SUV because its more nimble and less body roll. Fits my needs well as a city car and a car to take up mountain passes to go skiing.