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Originally Posted by bimmerdriver2 View Post
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AC Schnitzer is known lately for jacking up BMW's or to put bluntly, just ruining them.

But with this doesn't look that much more removed from stock, which for them isn't bad but then what are you paying for?

A waste of resources to aesthetically improve a FWD MINI masquerading as a BMW SAV. Completely failed.

And that driver side shot is it's best angle by far.
I don't disagree with the look of AC Schnitzer add-ons, but your remark about the Mini is such a tired argument. Platform sharing doesn't mean a Porsche Cayanne is a Volkswagen Tuareg or a Lamborghini Huracan is an Audi R8 any more than it means a BMW X1/X2 is a Mini. Platform sharing is the new normal. Get over it, FFS.
here is nothing to get over. It's not tired, it's an ugly truth. It's a MINI plain and simple underneath all of the ridiculous badges. FFS get over it.