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Originally Posted by BlueX2 View Post
The Pirelli P ZERO tires performed okish... but I had to drive on some pretty horrible wet and icey conditions once. I could feel the back end give way sometimes, but the AWD would kick in so quickly which would give me back some traction and center my car again.

I say okish because there was a small wet snow/icey hill that I had issues climbing but that is where winter tires shine vs any summer/all season tire. I live in southern Ontario, Canada and we get our fair share of all types of snow and would rather spend the money on good snow tires than to use these Pirelli tires. Big fan of Bridgestone Blizzak and am on the fence with running run flats or not since I can just toss a spare in the back and I've got free road side assistance services for the next few years with the purchase of my car.

Potholes are a pain.. but that goes for any car. I think it's a combo of the suspension being stiff, the run flat tires, and the 20" wheels. I'm sure when I get my winters on (probably 18s) and going non run flat tires it would take the sting out. But that being said.... it isn't that terrible versus an M series suspension.

As far as road noise goes, I'll agree that it is there, but in comparison to the other mini suv the X2 has one of the least road noise. The other luxury brands were probably comparable or quieter but the non luxury brands were simply horrible in comparison. The amount of insulation added to the cabin is about an inch thick in areas and if there was a non-run flat option that would definitely get rid of some noise.

The programming part you read was more about issues I'm currently facing with the car that I'd like to have addressed. I'm still new to BMW programming but if you manage to do it with your X2 I'd love to hear all about the issues you would be able to resolve doing so.
I'm surprised the Pirelli tires were driveable in such conditions. I've never been able to get out of the driveway with summer tires on my other cars.

I have Michelin PA4 winter tires for my M3. I doubt I be using them again, because it's going to be spending winters in the garage now that I have the X2. The PA4 is a fantastic tire. It has decent traction on snow and slush, but still handles quite well for a winter tire. I guess that's why so many of its available sizes are Porsche specific. I don't need a really serious winter tire on the M3 because it's so low, it ploughs if the snow is more than a few inches deep.

I will be looking for a similar winter tire for the X2, but the choices are limited due to the tire size. (Next to the horrible shift lever on the X2, the thing I dislike the most is the tire size.) The standard Pirelli is the only tire available in that size. The situation doesn't get much better if you go for a smaller wheel.

The X2 clunks more harshly over potholes than my M3 and it has stiffly sprung coil-overs. Either it's the run flat tires or there is something really strange about the damping, or more likely a combination of both.