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Originally Posted by zx10guy View Post
And when you compare the dollars you spent on that Alienware to a desktop, you'll find the performance gap to be significant for less dollars spent. Also, lugging around a brick isn't my idea of a good laptop. Totally defeats the purpose of why laptops came into existence. A former manager told me to get a Precision 5520 laptop as my work laptop. Hated every minute of lugging around that thing for work.

And I'm not even going to talk about the longevity of these mobile desktop wanna be's. You can't get around the killer of all electronics which is heat.
Well I just lug it around the house..... I use a laptop tilted pad that has a built in fan that blows through the bottom along with fans in the machine that if needed will wind up like an old P51 in the bottom that plugs into one of the USB ports. Keeps my lap from cooking.

Right now the CPU fan is at 130F and the system fan is at 122F it has been running all day. Also the fan in the bottom of the pad or holder that is actually very comfortable and has a nice angle that is adjustable. Just a few years ago this stuff did not exist.......

You Could Not Pay Me To Lug This Beast Around Airports! Company machines were always light weight smaller with screens.
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