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Brake tech in F1 is really quite amazing, there's so much that could be discussed.

Talking about these fins and dissipating heat reminded me of the evolution of brake discs themselves. The number of holes used in break discs has increased from 100 to 1200! Worth looking into if you guys are interested.
Six rows on the pic on the right and now even thicker carbon discs maybe 9 rows or more even.Be interesting how they make them, and even more interesting how on earth do they drill 1200 holes and more.. I guess it's a computerised 6 or more drills multi chuck base staggered drilling in and out while the disc rotates a tiny amount each time then stops for the drilling.Add to that the brake-by-wire for the rear calipers to further complicate matters...
Agreed. Seeing the manufacturing process on these would be really cool. There used to be a "How It's Made" program here on TV (Can't remember who produced it, but older episodes are on YouTube). It would be really cool to see a similar type program with episodes on all the different F1 parts (hopefully with a bit more detail).

Maybe I'll go off and start my own YouTube channel to get started on this idea haha