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Custom BMW add-on blind spot mirrors

Hi all,

I originally posted this over in the F30 forums as a 3 series owner. It has gotten a lot of interest and I figured I would post here, as it might be interesting to X2 owners. I recently had ax X2 as a loaner during service and I found myself having a bit tougher than average time seeing out of it.

Here is the link to my original post:

Here is my original post:

Originally Posted by VWAudi2BMW View Post
I have a crazy story for my fellow BMW enthusiasts. How do you know you are getting old? Many of your stories start with the other day I was going to Costco...

I live in the Encinitas area of North San Diego and as you can tell, I frequent Costco Carlsbad. Anyone who knows Costco Carlsbad knows it is a wasteland of huge SUVs crammed into spots that are small for a Mini Cooper. But I can't get enough, especially the yogurt (please bring back the chocolate and vanilla swirl).

When I was parking I was glad to see a nice and clean BMW parking next to an open spot. I knew I'd be safe as long as they were there, right?. A younger guy was getting out and I said to him nice car (we both were mineral gray). He laughed and said thanks, and that was when I noticed his mirrors.

He had these blind spot mirrors that fit like a glove and looked factory-like. I have blind spot mirrors on my RAM and I love them. I've rented Ford cars with the built-in ones and loved having those too. I've looked for something that did not look terrible but have never found anything stick on.

I asked this guy about them (Andy) and he said he owns a few businesses. He just started a new one and he actually makes them for that exact reason. He said he started messing with them this past summer and eventually went all-in with a full on company to do it. We were talking for a bit and he was telling me he has had a set on his car for a few months testing and tweaking. He sent a few to friends and family in other states too. I was the first person to ever ask though.

He gave me a set and said give them a try and if you like them, please send me some feedback. I have had them for a few weeks and I love them. I am the first testimonial on his site. He was a nice kid!

I had an X2 loaner about a month ago that these would have been awesome on. Boy was that thing hard to see out of.

Here is the website for anyone interested: https://*********************

Now for the chocolate and vanilla swirl yogurt?

Edit / update: I received a promotional email from this company with a coupon code valid for the month of February. 15% off for anyone interested. NEWUSER15

Edit again, finally got some pics!!

These work for X1(both gens) and X2 so maybe a post in the X1 forum would be useful too..
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