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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
That's outrageous lol just drink your coffee black like a man! I would say my combined caffeine intake throughout the day with preworkout and coffee is less than 400mg haha
Like a man? Drinking it black isn't the point. It has to do with willpower. Does this mean that rather than cutting out sodas I should just drink diet coke like a man? I'm just messing with you. The vast majority of this journey is about willpower and overcoming particular things that I used as a crutch for many years. Yes, it can be said that I have replaced one crutch for another......but most likely my response would be something to the affect of F off. Coffee and preworkout have the same amount of calories, one tastes like ass and the other tastes like how strippers body spray smells.....I suppose the two tastes/smells could be combined since we are using strippers as an analogy. For argument sake, coffee will get me going, while preworkout already has me across the finish line and last way longer.

On a serious health aspect on this topic, although I recognize that I'm abusing the caffeine, I do make concessions in usage. I take two nights off a week from the gym, I also take at least one night off Monday-Friday from sex so that I can get a good 8 hours of sleep. I also make sure that on the weekends I get plenty of rest all while reducing my caffeine intake.