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Okay, so after driving the car for a few hundred miles, I can confirm the issue. I don't think it's the transmission decoupling, however. You can feel that happen in EcoPlus as there's a distinct feeling through the drivetrain in EcoPlus that isn't characteristic of the other drive modes.

To be honest, I think what we're feeling is a result of the car being low in the RPM range in Sport and Comfort mods. So when you left off the throttle and then hit the gas, it takes a moment to figure out what it wants to do. It's part engine, part ECU.

To solve this -- at least in traffic -- I leave the transmission is S mode. It holds the revs out a little longer than I'd like (shifts at 4100 at part throttle), but it's actually fine for traffic because you're engine braking and coasting through traffic. Then, when you want to lunge into a spot, the car is read and willing.