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I definitely don't notice it disengage in sport mode, and surely not with the paddles. For me I can literally let off the brake and it'll start rolling immediately like a normal car.... vs in comfort mode I can feel the clunk before the transmission is online. It's weird that you guys still feel it in sport. In theory with the manual I was reading, only in eco mode will it free wheel the transmission... and in comfort, I believe it's only disengaging at "stop" so the car doesn't vibrate as much.

Annoying a teeny bit, as today I even put it in sport mode as I was getting ready to fly into traffic and there still was a little dead spot before the car got moving. Well the pedal tuner is coming it, hopefully it makes it a lot more manageable. Frankly I've gotten used to all the behavior for the most part... until something like this happens again and makes me have that little pucker moment when the car isn't moving when I want it to.