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Originally Posted by Mike.x1 View Post
I have the same issue in my 2016 bmw x1. Found some info on the mini repair page. I can try this but may take a few days as work has been crazy. Let me know if any one has success.
Agreed - this is what I am currently attempting.. however, I don't have the available tools and lift to get to the underside of the vehicle.

To get the assembly out of the interior is surprisingly easy. Just a few Hex20 screws and some clips. 4 bolts hold the whole assembly in on the inside of the car. I got this far..

However, you need to remove part of the exhaust heatshield, and I cannot get to that point without a lift. Trying to find a friend that can assist. I pulled out the whole air intake system, battery and I can get to the actual gear selector on the topside of the steptronic. Thats as far as I can get...

Once the whole shifter assembly is out, it can be opened, and a tiny spring holds back a white lever that covers a sensor.. that's it.. the tiny little spring. Either replace, or you can rebend the bigger half of the spring to the right shape, and put it back in..

So.. Anyone in Johannesburg South Africa have a car lift?