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Originally Posted by El Greco DC View Post
I just spent an hour in stop and go traffic and experienced the throttle lag issue at least a dozen times. The more I drive it, the less I think it's an issue with the transmission disengaging. Here's why:

When starting to move after a complete stop, when I lift my foot off the break pedal, I almost instantly feel a small (barely noticeable) jolt which I imagine is the transmission re-engaging. (By the way, it's the same jolt I felt right after I came to a compete stop at the stop sign, which I imagine is the transmission disengaging). After I feel the transmission re-engage, I depress the accelerator and STILL there is a lag of 1-3 seconds before the car actually accelerates.

Is this what others are experiencing too?

And yes, engine auto-off is deactivated and I've experienced this issue in all driving modes.
You can feel that same 'small jolt' when at a complete stop (with brakes fully depressed) and you switch from SPORT mode to COMFORT.