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I second this and if I may add that I highly doubt it would be something that has to do with Launch Control as if I'm not mistaken launch control can only happen when Traction Control is off. When it first happened I had someone in the passenger seat and a truck was coming fast so that really gave me a huge scare. It's one of those things where I really don't think it can be software as it is acceleration that is mainly having.
Yes of course. But if the lag is due to a bug, I still think launch detection might be involved. Or might not! Data is needed, that's my point.

Good info on the "coasting" thing. I guess that also means that the steering angle isn't a factor, which was another guess.

One other question - can I assume you completely floor the accelerator, with no response? I.e. you push past the normal range and into the higher-pedal-resistance kickdown range?
I would say around 50-60% of input.