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So I'm not exactly sure how the lease wear and tear works but from my experience returning a 228 lease without the coverage

First if you're getting a new car with the deal you are returning your lease to, the salesman will probably help you out and get some of the repair and wear and tear charges thrown out.

When i turned it my car, i had a chip in the windshield that i got sealed so there was no structural damage but of course the fix was pretty noticeable. When i returned it they noted that was a required replacement and were looking to charge me $600 for it but I asked my salesman if anything could be done and he was able to get taht taken off. So had i known, i would have just opted for a windshield replacement but then again i wonder if I wouldve needed an OEM replacement or what the standard is but i'm sure you can figure that out somewhere.

Also the fog lights are pretty easy to replace yourself. I cracked my fog and i was able to find a replacement housing for under $100 and it took maybe 15 mins to swap (not particularly handy either).

The minor scratches shouldn't be an issue i dont think.

So not sure if your excess wear insurance covers the fog and windshield but if not i would def fix it because they'll charge you for it.