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Originally Posted by noushy View Post
Wonderful car loved driving it, love my E63 M6 coupe as well. I dont think they have lost everything its just they need to lose some weight which is very expensive and improve the feel. Porsche has shown You can do it with electric power steering and keep it light. No it wont be cheap but the new M5 F90 needed the carbon core and say 200lb weight loss and at 4000 lbs it would be a perfect modern car. Same for the M8. I did the carbon ceramics and will add a titanium exhaust and lighter wheels and altogether maybe 100lb drop. Sad...
I mostly agree. I think the F90 was a vast improvement over the F10 in terms of weight management. At the end of the day it's a 5 series and that means you're going to see steel to reduce cost thrown in.

8 series has so much going for it in terms of CF you have to wonder where the heck the weight comes from.
Also, E63 was 3800 lbs or something which would be an ideal benchmark for the next 5 and 6/8.
Atleast bmw has Porsche and co best In the weight loss department.