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Originally Posted by Dlpfcb View Post
You all crack me up. The water bottling industry is a worldwide giant and scam that is pulling water faster from this planet that we can get back. Top it off with over 80% of all bottled water is owned by 3 companies. Nestle - Coke - Pepsi. Nestle has like 10 labels of water and its all the same water with a different label and different price. Oh and guess what they are using the same water that comes from your public water taps. They pay around 3 dollars for every 1000 gallons of water and turn around to sell it to a sucker of a country for 1-6 dollars per bottle. Hahah. Anyone that wastes there money on bottled water cracks me up.
Are you serious? Have you never been to FL with the sulfur smelling tap water? Or out here in the cornfields where if you leave a glass of water standing for a day the bottom of the glass is brown with sediment? Tap water leaves a lot to be desired in many parts of the country. (Ahem...Flint, MI)

The biggest issue with bottled water is the bottle itself. Plastic packaging is a major issue that needs to be addressed soon.

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