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Because its at least $50k or more to get a reasonably optioned X2 M35i. The 28i trim is fair price wise in its class, but I'd have a hard time justifying purchasing an X2 M35i, when its small, cramped, less practical and has less visibility than say a normal SUV, while still not being as fun as a hot hatch.

I just think for the money, a GTI/Golf R could provide more thrills with similar practicality for less, or a regular SUV would provide better utility for the same price, hell even a 4GC could be equipped for a similar price but provide RWD and still decent utility.

The X2 is just one of those cars where its the answer to a question no one asked.
Dude, you sound like a close-minded auto journalist who can't think outside the box.

For me, I simply set a price range and made a short list of what I absolutely wanted/needed.
1. premium brand
2. top safety rating
3. 0-60 less than 6 sec
4. sporty handling
5. design
6. compact exterior size (urban driving)
7. sufficient interior space (no kids, no large dog)

My decision was made after test driving the 430GC, 330xi, XC40, A4, A3, C300, previous Q3 and GLA.
Again I said I like plenty of things about the X2, and it is a good vehicle, I just wouldn't ever buy one because I don't think it offers anything that a similar vehicle could offer for less or similar pricing.
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