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I'm actually quite a fan of the X2. I've tested in both 28 and M35 trims and found it to drive really well, and feel quite peppy, almost like a tall hot hatch, and really like the looks, even with it having a "disgraced" MINI FWD platform.

Despite this though, its too pricey, so if you want a hot hatch buy a GTI, if you want an SUV, buy the X1, thats where the problem is with the X2.

I've seen more loaner badged X2's as well as CarMax/used X2's than actual X2's that have owners. I can definitely see why its on BMW's list of cars that may end production after this generation.
I agree! The X2 should only be sold in the M35i trim and marketed as the sportier version of the X1. I never considered the base X2 and in fact it was cross-shopped against the G20 330i Xdrive.

Why do you think it's pricey?
Because its at least $50k or more to get a reasonably optioned X2 M35i. The 28i trim is fair price wise in its class, but I'd have a hard time justifying purchasing an X2 M35i, when its small, cramped, less practical and has less visibility than say a normal SUV, while still not being as fun as a hot hatch.

I just think for the money, a GTI/Golf R could provide more thrills with similar practicality for less, or a regular SUV would provide better utility for the same price, hell even a 4GC could be equipped for a similar price but provide RWD and still decent utility.

The X2 is just one of those cars where its the answer to a question no one asked.
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