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Originally Posted by infinitekidM2C View Post
Evian is the best tasting water, but i usually just drink my aquasana/frig filtered water.
Are you serviced by IRWD?

Originally Posted by IRWD website View Post
Do I need bottled or filtered water for safety?

Absolutely not! Bottled water and tap water are regulated by different agencies. Tap water actually has more stringent reporting requirements, such as providing customers with a printed water quality report each year. Bottled water suppliers are not required to provide such data, but some may do so on request. The water provided to you by IRWD is clean, pure and ready to drink at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.Before choosing an alternative to tap water, compare data contained in the IRWD Annual Water Quality Report with water quality data from the bottled water or filtration device you are considering. The decision to use bottled water or a filtration system should be based on taste or other aesthetic considerations, not on fear of health risks.