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Yea, I've ridden a bike for a while, longer than I care to admit. Sure you keep going faster until it gets hard. Where I live we're lucky to have a fantastic bike trail system. The last thing I want to see is a bunch of e-bikes going 35-40 mph on the trails.

I don't mountain bike anymore. I can see the e-bike benefit in the dirt but I could never relate to the full armor, go faster 'till you crash set. I can't get past the chicken and egg thing. Since the e-bikes weigh a ton you need the motor. If having the motor just lets you stay closer to the edge of crashing more often then I'm glad not to be sharing the trail with you. Have at it.

My point of the 300lb guy sort of relates back to skiing. Back i the 70's we all skied on long, skinny skis. On a big powder day 80% of the people stuck to the groomed trails, leaving the rest for the skilled. Today, fat skis bring everyone out to ski powder. In some resorts untracked lasts about a hour. Will e-bikes fill the trails with the unfit, unskilled? Is that a good thing? For whom?
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