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Originally Posted by Now_Rudi View Post
I need this much caffeine because tiger blood is thick AF and I need a little something extra to keep it coursing through my veins at optimal levels.

Seriously, I used to drink coffee throughout the day until I started paying more attention to my daily intake. I run 100 mph from the time I wake up 4:00-4:30 a.m. until my head hits the pillow at 11:00-11:30 p.m. I don't get near enough sleep throughout the week. Rather than sipping on coffee (that I litter with cream and sugar) all day, I've replaced that with strategically timed drinks of preworkout - WAY less calories and WAAAY more caffeine. I imagine, to those of you who read my posts, there is a clear distinction between my early morning posts/ramblings compared to afternoon/post lunch posts.

I'd say my tolerance is up there, but it still hits me pretty well in the morning and right before the gym. I alternate between the drinks I take. In the morning it's usually LIT preworkout (I think 240mg of caffeine) or Mr. Hyde (400mg!). After the gym I drink Growth Surge, which is a pick me, up that has Creatine, Betaine, L-Carnitine and L-Tartrate in it, but lets me sleep due to the lack of caffeine. I also have some LIT postwork out mix, that has about 200mg plus BCAA's in it; that's what I had this morning as I'm still a little sore from Monday nights session of "Teaching the Weights a Lesson."

Trust me....I've seen people that used much more potent stuff!

Back when they could put DMAA in supplements. I think they banned it, reinstated it, then banned it again.

My training partner used it. I remember we were at one of his competitions where he was jacked up on that, hit some smelling salts, then proceeded to walk over to me.....scream/grunt....headbuttted me....then hit his lift.

Afterwards I calmly told him I knew he was psyching himself up.....but if he ever did that again I would not hesitate to lay his ass out.

Next attempt, he hit the salts again....took a step towards me...then I guess he remembered what I said as then turned away and slapped himself a couple of times before stepping on the platform.

He apologized later. But that hurt and pissed me off!
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