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Originally Posted by Davy Jordi View Post
another question, CajunBMW , how much did you pay for the extended warranty you have on this vehicle if you don't mind me asking? and what are the terms that you agreed upon?

the offer from the one dealer (in the initial post) may seem like a good deal, but i'm not sure. i paid 2,200 for a platinum bumper-to-bumper warranty on the lexus for 8 years 100k miles i believe, so the bmw figures are considerably higher especially given that my vehicle is new and not at the end of its factory warranty life.
Let me check. I bought my current 340 new and the other one (an X1) as a CPO for my teen driver. We also have new Chrysler van. Fir my old e46 330 and an old Chrysler van I definitely at least broke even on the extend warranty, although fixing some of the issues where really expensive, so more likely than not it was probably financially a good deal. I think the maintenance plan is probably roughly neutral. As stated with wiper and brakes it seems to be ok. I think for the purchase of my 2016 CPO X1 I couldn't have paid more than a few thousand for the extended warranty and then a bit less for the extended maintenance. Hope that helps.
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