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BMS Pedal tuner install M35i

It's a snap. Remove the cap for the pedal bolt, remove the t30, push up and pull out and the pedal is off. Unplug the pedal, install the jumper to the car side and the other side to the pedal, shove everything under the carpet and out of the way and re-install pedal.

I currently just set the controller in the center console, I haven't decided where I want it to go yet, honestly I don't think I will mess with the settings much, I just wanted comfort to be slightly less dead feeling. I figure throughout the week I can decide if I want it out in the open or tucked away.

I took a quick lap out onto the main road and back into the neighborhood and the throttle response in green with +2 mapping is about where sport is normally. I bumped it down to +1 but I really need to drive to and from work to decide where it really needs to be.

First impression is Yeah you could just run in sport and achieve similar results, but sometimes I don't like the way revs hang in sport and it will be nice to have that get up and go in comfort.

Another great use will be in Eco you can get the transmission decoupling for highway use without the complete slug of a pedal that mode offers.

Half an hour in and I say it's a definite go. Will report back.
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