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I did a few more runs full tank of fuel 4 passengers with traction control off the results were very consistent ...

0 to 60 mph 7.01s
30 to 70 mph 6.05s
50 to 70 mph 3.42s
0 to 100 meters 6.46s@59.3 Mph
0 to 200 meters 9.76s@76.5 Mph
0 to 400 meters 14.89@97.1 Mph
1/8 mile 9.79s@76.5 mph
1/4 mile 14.95@97.3 mph
Maximum G 0.620
Height Start 32.07 Meters
Height finish 28.61 Meters
Difference -3.46 meters

I did about 8 runs and every result was within a tenth of a second...
I Just planted my foot down left it in auto... i did not bother with manual because i never drive manual...Traction control made no difference at all...

Now if i were to launch with more revs then it may be faster with traction control.. but i never will drive like that...I decided not to try launch control...i may do it at a later date...

I bought the Race logic VBOX to do a before and after test...This is the before test..
I have just purchased a Racechip Ultimate Connect they claim Up to 64 hp more +113 Nm torque

So will see how fast it is soon....0 to 60 should be around 6 seconds!
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