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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
Maybe rare in Minnesota. They happen with high frequency in and around NYC. There were two deadly attacks against Jews in the last couple of months (Jersey and NY State). There were also two attempted cop assassinations last weekend alone.
last year there were several cases of vandalism with antisemitic symbols... it was going on for a few months in schoolyards, playgrounds and some buildings. turned out it was a russian jewish kid who was just "bored" and he was a student in my friend's class but leading up to it there was nothing but talk about how this is DT's fault, his rhetoric etc. then afterward there wasn't even a headline stating the person was caught and the only reason i know about the capture is because it wound up being a student in my friend's class. similar situation in brooklyn, there was vandalism on some synagogues and jewish buildings. same headlines, same stories on the news but then when they captured the criminals they were three african american hs students. not exactly the white supremacists and typical dt supporter the narrative was pushing. currently you see random attacks on orthodox jewish people with unprovoked "knockout" punches or robberies. the people on the video are african american but before the videos were found or released it was the same headline and narrative. the one thing all these things have in common is these hate-hoaxes occur in densely populated democrat areas by people are not the stereotypical gop/maga person. the incidents in nj and upstate ny weren't even covered as much as it would if it were another type of individual. which again simply points to a media bias and limited coverage on certain events. i am justifying the attacks or the behavior, i am not condoning it either. it is abhorrent and disgusting regardless who does it but what i am just as angry about is the bias in the coverage once certain facts come to light and how the headlines disappear once the evidence points to a different type of individual than original suspected.

Just a few hate hoax crimes that weren't as the media portrayed them to be: