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Originally Posted by iconoclast View Post
Let's discuss the kid who didnt even do anything except wear a hat. He was the face of racism despite not having done anything except stand still and smirk while being taunted. Why wasn't the real coverage on the "Black Israelites" (who are labeled a national hate group) who were yelling at the kids and making hate-fueled comments the story? Why wasn't that native american elder who is a known rabble rouser part of the story? Then when the full video came out the headlines died down, then the family sued the networks. They settled and ONLY a minor mention of their settlement came out. Celebrities, influencers and the like trashed this kid. Afterward, SILENCE. Infuriating.

I have said this many times and I will say this again, I am not with either party. I do not favor any candidate at this time. I am simply aggravated, and annoyed with the media fueling this narrative of hate. It is not helping anything, it is only making us more divided. A house divided against itself cannot stand.
If I happen upon a discussion about something from the day's news and it becomes apparent that the participants get their news mostly or exclusively from the lamestream media and they've bought into it 100% with no skepticism at all, I don't join the discussion. There are so many good alternatives out there that don't all have the same bias. Some have a different bias, but at least it's adding variety. Consuming a variety of sources lets you weigh the relative credibility of them against one another.

Alas, the attention spans of most people has shrunk to that of a gnat. So they get their sound bite and then go back to watching sports. Sad.
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