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Originally Posted by sonicbimmer19 View Post
It's better for BMW to keep up with the new market and survive than to be stubborn about RWD and get into serious financial trouble.

BMW is premium luxury brand, they'd be more exclusive and prestigious if they only had 6/7 series but majority of us wouldn't have a BMW then.
Brands like Maserati and Jaguars, luxury brands with limited lineup have higher chance of failing and it's true; look at their history vs BMW.

I don't give a crap about Audi. That's a brand that started in the 90s.
But I respect and like Mercedes and they have FWD, A and B class.

As long as they still make pure-sex fun RWF roadsters, I guess which would be renamed Z3, it's cool.

We won't know for sure, but currently, BMW's plans with roadsters according to Scott26:

Z1: compact FWD, expand buyers and share cost with Mini. Smart business.(?) ~160inches length

Z3: this is the new (unconfirmed) name for the previously rumored Z2. It will be a soft-top. Market competitor to Mercedes SLK and Audi TT. ~165inches.

Z5: up-marketed/successor to current Z4. It will have hardtop and it will be more of a gran turismo than a pure roadster/sportscar (that's the current reputation of the Z4)
I'm not sure who this car would compete against.. I guess the SL? But I doubt it will be as big or as expensive as the SL

Get into serious financial trouble? What in god's name are you talking about? BMW just had record sales this year, and it was certainly not due to the sales of a fwd car. I can't believe how people are able to conceive that BMW is doomed if they don't release a fwd car. And Audi was a brand that "started in the 90s"? I'm not even sure if you're trolling or if you're being serious here.

Objectively speaking, I think it's fair to say that BMW is focused (read: obsessed) on staying on top of the luxury vehicle sales market (ie in front of audi, mercedes-benz isn't worth being brought into the discussion at the moment, sales wise). I love BMW, they still make great cars, so does Audi and Mercedes who is stepping up its game as of lately. They're a business, they need to sell cars, I understand that. Hopefully they can retain segments that still appeal to the enthusiasts while they whore out other parts of the brand for sales, you know the cars who got people into the brand because of the driving experience. FWD Z1 that's cheaper and more accessible to people who just "want to own a BMW"? Fine. But give us a light-weight RWD Z3 to go along with it and don't try to sell us your silly claims that you've found a way to make a FWD behave like RWD. FWD cars have come a long way, but a RWD car is still a RWD car.

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