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Originally Posted by bimmerjph View Post
Almost no one looking at any BMW cares about that either, but are you honestly going to tell me you would be fine with BMW not paying attention to those things on the other models? I mean why not if no one cares? See that is the problem with letting a company slide on its standards, it will slowly creep through the line up.

And I just want to touch on the first part of your statement even though it was not directed at me. I too own an E46, but I would hope that BMW is listening to me. This is because someday soon I will be looking for a small, sporty, RWD 2-door, so as a future customer BMW should listen to me. Just because we drive an older BMW at the moment does not mean we are unable to or will never buy a new BMW.
If you have the financial means to buy a newer car but prefer to keep your current one, this likely means that you prefer the old car to what is now available, otherwise you would have been itching to trade up. I just meant that BMW's marketing strategy was less interested in people like you because there are less people like you.

I am actually glad BMW is willing to experiment to make cars that it thinks are better suited to a given market instead of blindly sticking to dogmas, if they were afraid to move away from straight six powerplants for the M5, the E60 and F10 would have been massively outgunned by the competition. If they had stuck to RWD, the X5 M and X6 M would not have been as great as they are (and believe me, they are truly great, people claiming they are not real M cars have never driven them).

I personally wouldn't buy a front wheel drive Z2, but I think such a car would be better in the eyes of its target audience.