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"There is no reason why a front-wheel-drive car can’t offer a similar dynamic experience to a rear-wheel-drive car. The advancement of various driving aids, with features such as electronic differentials, virtually eliminates the influence of drive forces on the steered wheels when done properly.”

Wow. Never thought they would have the nerve to state that...
Ok BMW now you have to answer which is true: whether you mesmerized us for decades with how better a RWD is and all that was bullshit (obviously as drivers we know this isn't bullshit), or all this sudden appraisal of the marvels of FWD is the piece of cr*p (obviously the right answer).
But unfortunately you are never anymore going to sound legit saying how much superior RWD to FWD is. Oh wait, it means there is no more reason to buy BMW over Audi.

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