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Originally Posted by ES_TRADER View Post
There are plenty of people in this world that will buy this for the look, price, and/or brand and have no clue what the difference between fwd and rwd is. BMW knows this and they know how to make money
Yep, sales figures don't lie!

Hey, I'm all for BMW making another small, light, roadster - though I agree, FWD isn't my cup of tea. Then again, I also prefer 3 pedals, and we all know BMW's view on that.

I remember the backlash before the first BMW SUVs came out, as well as the hideous looking GT cars. As long as some of that money being made goes to M vehicles and future super cars, all the better.

For me, as long as BMW keeps making cars like the 1 Series M, M3, and the M5, I don't mind things like this either.